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Public figure

Mixed: Filipino + French • German• British

Organic To Green Beauty + Emotional
Wellness • Meditation • Healing • TV • Creator

Award Winning Creator: Best of @forbes @allure @womenshealthmag

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Self-loving motivation, techniques and tips to navigate the crowded space within the community of conscious beauty, meditation, mental wellness, healing crystals and bowls, astrology, and self-care remedies.

What I Offer

  • Motivational Speaking Events
  • Editorial Expert Interviews for Publications
  • Red Carpet Events, Creator or Interviewer
  • Spokesperson or Brand Partnerships
  • Media: TV Hosting, Acting, Commercial or Print Projects
  • Creative Directing
  • Consulting
  • PR Expert Contributions for Editors
  • Remote or In-person Collaborative Sessions for Wellness+ Beauty, Meditation or Healing Bowls

Videos by Rianna

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Navigating Puberty: A Guide for Teen Girl Athletes

Puberty is a natural journey of transformation that every teenager…
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Sadness and Empathy

Watch Rianna as she talks about the feeling of sadness. If…
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Worry and Anxiety Without Facts

  Watch Rianna as she talks about worrying. She admits…
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How to Handle Family or Crazy People with Positivity

Does someone drive you crazy? Watch Rianna as she discusses…
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Jealous of Friends

00:00 Introduction Watch Rianna as she believes that this…
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Waking Up Exhausted

Watch Rianna as she shares her experience when waking up…
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Decluttering Helps Success

00:00 Introduction Watch Rianna as she talks about how…
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Tone Down Negativity, Shadow Self and Criticism

    00:00 Rianna talks about toning down…
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Loss, Grief and Faith

"Be honest about how we are physically and mentally feeling instead…
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Healthier thru Kindness

Introduction 00:00 - 2:43 Importance of kindness and how…

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