How to Handle Family or Crazy People with Positivity

Does someone drive you crazy? Watch Rianna as she discusses these different scenarios. Common triggers are family events, social gatherings, or even a co-worker which can trigger you negatively. She advises that it is always best to have self-reflection to help us prepare for these challenging people.

The best way to address this situation is to recognize your anxiousness and turn the negativity into a positive. So, even though someone drives you crazy, acknowledge that there is greatness in them, you just have to find it. She advises always to look at the positive rather than the negative and try to see the greatness in the person. As you try to find that positive trait about them, that’s already helping your process and changing the way your mind thinks.

Another excellent practice is to cultivate the opposite thought, and always be mindful always turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Always try to turn your negative thoughts around.

Meditation for positivity around those who drive us crazy

Start your meditation by visualizing your upcoming event. Prepare to not react if you are in the same room as the person who triggers you.

The first thing you’ll do is sit down and, if desired, close your eyes. Visualize being at this event with this person. Take a moment to consider what you intend to do and your expectations for the event.

Then think about that person. Consider something special about them that makes you happy and joyful. You will not consider their negative characteristics or how they make us feel; instead, you will concentrate on what is positive about them.

Take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes. Stay here as long as you want. After that, calm down before leaving the house to attend the event.

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