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Sadness and Empathy

Watch Rianna as she talks about the feeling of sadness. If you ever feel down or sad, the best thing you can do is accept it. It is not a negative statement. We will not be focusing on reasoning about our sadness, but rather on embracing it. Listening to our hearts is part of self-respect, and it is normal to experience these emotions.

We want to feel, identify, and accept our sadness. It means that if you feel like crying, yelling, or remaining silent, you should do so. Don’t hold back or push it away. Allow yourself to cry, allow the tears to flow, and allow yourself to feel these sensations.

Sadness Reflection

She takes a deep breath and focuses on nature, higher powers, positivity, or whatever makes her feel peaceful. Next, consider what is making you sad, whether it is stress, losing someone, heartache, or hearing bad news. Whatever it is, accept it and accept the source of your sadness.

Consider what is causing you to cry or be upset. Is it realizing what another person is going through, what you’re going through, or what someone said to you? Recognize the situation for what it is. Take a deep breath and exhale. As you exhale, you are going to let that stress go with it. Continue to breathe deeply until you feel a sense of calm and peace in your heart.

Don’t second-guess yourself about why you feel the way you do.
You understand that feeling empathy for others and for oneself is a beautiful and natural part of life.

However, once the sadness has passed, embrace the love you have for yourself and others.



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Worry and Anxiety Without Facts


Watch Rianna as she talks about worrying. She admits that she frequently worries about issues that aren’t currently relevant. But through this experience, she learns to stop these thoughts and stop thinking that the worst will happen.

The best thing to do when your mind is racing is to make a mental note. You can start by taking three deep breaths. You can also close your eyes. This helps our mind to stop it thinking negative thoughts. Often times when we worry, we let our minds run wild even without knowing the facts. Try to reflect on what you are worried about. By doing this, we can recognize if we are creating this inner anxiety.

2:12 Meditation For Anxiety and Worry

Always tell yourself that it is going to be okay.

2:27 Rianna introduces her favorite products for meditating

AIR Organic Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Spray – It is a significant product in terms of having set our minds. It also aids in the transcendence of our minds. She also mentions that she enjoys spraying this before going to bed. It brings her peace and calm.

Organic Hand Sanitizer, Lavender, and Lemon – Excellent for cleansing the space. Lavender and Lemon help to relax our senses.

CLEANSING – Verbena Aromatherapy with Selenite CANDLE – It contains Selenite, which is a healing gemstone. She adores this gem candle because it speaks to her. She also suggests that you find a candle that resonates to you.


Jade Crystal Gem Facial Mask For Anti-Aging + Cucumber Hyaluronic Hydration Calming & Restoring – This is an excellent meditation tool. It can care for our skin while we meditate. This is very important in combining both beauty and wellness.

She also advises you to do the meditation by finding a relaxing spot for additional rest or nap while using Jade Gem Mask.

4:32 Start of Meditation

A lot of this meditation is focused on our minds and whether or not what we are worried about is real or if we are just making it up. When your mind is racing, you need to stop and be calm. The best way to do this is by meditation.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths slowly. Stretch your neck and push your shoulders down. This is all about being aware of our mental state and releasing all of the tension in our bodies.

The next step is to ask ourselves what we are concerned about. Is this something that happened in the past? If it did, it is perfectly normal to feel this way. This means that we are still processing what happened. Continue to take deep breaths as you reflect on these questions.

Recognize that the mind has the ability to quickly imagine situations. Fear, anxiety, and even stress can drive it. The more we practice this meditation, the more we will notice when our mind is racing ahead. We need to take a deep breath and realize that this is not our true selves and that this is not truly happening right now; this habit does not serve us in living a healthy well-balanced life.

Continue to breathe deeply and relax your entire body. When you’re ready, open your eyes slowly and take three deep breaths. Spend some time alone with yourself to process your thoughts.

She hopes that this meditation helps you gather your thoughts. You are not alone. We are working on this together. Make sure to reach out to a friend to put things into perspective if you need additional support.




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How to Handle Family or Crazy People with Positivity

Does someone drive you crazy? Watch Rianna as she discusses these different scenarios. Common triggers are family events, social gatherings, or even a co-worker which can trigger you negatively. She advises that it is always best to have self-reflection to help us prepare for these challenging people.

The best way to address this situation is to recognize your anxiousness and turn the negativity into a positive. So, even though someone drives you crazy, acknowledge that there is greatness in them, you just have to find it. She advises always to look at the positive rather than the negative and try to see the greatness in the person. As you try to find that positive trait about them, that’s already helping your process and changing the way your mind thinks.

Another excellent practice is to cultivate the opposite thought, and always be mindful always turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Always try to turn your negative thoughts around.

Meditation for positivity around those who drive us crazy

Start your meditation by visualizing your upcoming event. Prepare to not react if you are in the same room as the person who triggers you.

The first thing you’ll do is sit down and, if desired, close your eyes. Visualize being at this event with this person. Take a moment to consider what you intend to do and your expectations for the event.

Then think about that person. Consider something special about them that makes you happy and joyful. You will not consider their negative characteristics or how they make us feel; instead, you will concentrate on what is positive about them.

Take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes. Stay here as long as you want. After that, calm down before leaving the house to attend the event.

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Jealous of Friends

00:00 Introduction

Watch Rianna as she believes that this is an important topic that we should discuss because acknowledging jealousy will improve our outlook and relationships with others. It is also a self-reflection on what we lack in our lives.

Everyone experiences jealousy at some point in their lives. It can happen to a family member, a close friend, or a coworker. When you think about it, you’re never jealous of someone who wants something you don’t want; it’s always something you wish you had. Jealousy is a huge reflection of our desires and goals. She also gives some examples of jealousy that occur frequently around us.

It is acceptable to admit our envy. It is beneficial to be aware of our emotions, and transform this negative mindset into a positive self-reflection. The first step is to acknowledge your emotion and embrace the feelings that you experience. Ask these questions to yourself; what do you desire? Are you missing something in your life? Where are you falling short in your life?

But keep in mind that there is always enough for everyone.

4:36 Guided Meditation – Jealousy


(Product in the photo: Rose Quartz Crystal Gem Facial Mask For Self Care + Self Love)

The love crystal is known to heal heartbreak, attract new love, and open hearts to new levels of forgiveness, compassion, and love. A wonderful crystal to keep in any room of the house. When used for self-care it is the ideal stone to open our hearts to self-care and self-love.

Benefits of Gem Mask:

  • A natural, safe, and healthy alternative for at-home facial and beauty treatments
  • Spa quality results for all skin types, especially sensitive skin
  • Calming inflammation and increasing blood circulation
  • Cell repair and healing
  • Stimulates and increases collagen production
  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness 
  • Aids in draining lymphatic fluids and toxins
  • Minimizes enlarged pores
  • Helps serums, creams, and oils penetrate the skin

She also suggested applying either Rose Petal Serum or Rose Gold Face Oil before putting on your Rose Quartz Gem Mask.

Benefits of Rose Gold Face Oil:

Luxury without harmful ingredients or sticky heavy oils. This is not your typical common face oil. These essential oils are some of the world’s most expensive and prized holistic herbs known to improve damaged skin. What a difference when you apply at night and wake up the next day!

Rose Petal Serum:


Free of Parabens, Fragrance, and Harsh Ingredients. Hyaluronic Acid restores collagen and hydration and reduces fine lines. Marine Water Peptides boost collagen and restore skin. Rose Water and Petals treat sensitive skin, reduce redness and treat acne or irritations. Vitamin C brightens, smooths, and improves radiance. 


  • Hydrating and Rejuvenating – repairs sensitive, damaged skin from moisture loss
  • Balance Skin Barrier – controls oil and repairs the skin barrier
  • Improve Skin Texture – brighten and smoothens overall skin radiance

5:33 Start of Meditation

Close your eyes and put on the Rose Quartz Gem Mask. You are going to relax and take a deep breath. Take as many deep breaths as you need.
Recognize the envy that we are feeling and identify what is it that we are jealous about and acknowledge what you desire. Next, envision who you are jealous of, and think about how she deserves that happiness just as you do, and recognize that there is enough, not only for them but also for ourselves. Turn the negative thoughts into positive thoughts and know that we are protected by light and love. We will be happy for them just as you hope that they will be happy for you.

Lastly, we should be mindful of negative thoughts, especially those which portray us as victims and that the world is unfair to us. Not only do you surround your positive thoughts with them but we will also bring the positive thoughts to ourselves. You can stay in this position for as long as you want. Always remember that you are loved and cared for and that there is always enough for you.

Take a bow and slowly open your eyes to end the meditation. Lastly, know how much you are loved. Self-love is the greatest love.

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Tone Down Negativity, Shadow Self and Criticism



00:00 Rianna talks about toning down negativity, shadowing self, and criticism.

Watch Rianna as she talks about toning down negativity, shadow self, and criticism. Toning down negativity starts with yourself. This vlog will also help you work on being too critical of yourself and others. She also highlights that we find easier to see negative traits on other people rather to ourselves. She explains insights into our Shadow selves.

1:18 Self-awareness Exercise (Writing two letters)
The first letter – represents negative traits
You will write a letter to someone that bothers or irritates you and tell them how you feel about them.
The second letter – represents positive traits
To someone that you admire or love.

And once done, you will read it in front of the mirror and switch the words “you” to “I”.

This exercise will help us recognize and address negativity.

2:56 Self-Guided Meditation for Self Reflection
This meditation can help us find balance within ourselves between the shadow (negative traits) and light (positive traits).

(Products on the photo: Rose MistBlack Hematite CandleGua Sha – Aventurine and Jade Crystal Gem Facial Mask with Cucumber Serum)

3:43 Organic to Green products that can be use for meditation

Benefits of Rose Mist

A timeless and delicate natural beauty luxury to refresh your skin. Dry or irritated skin every day.

Hydrate, tone, and refresh your face or body anytime with our handcrafted mist infused with watermelon and pink salts for added minerals.

6:32 Start of Meditation
She uses the Gua Sha to release the tension in your face by pressing it to the area where it feels tension. Do this as long as you need.

Benefits of Gua Sha – Green Aventurine


Green Aventurine comforts, harmonizes, and protects the heart which can also attract luck and success. A crystal is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. 

After this, she holds the gem mask and her aquamarine gemstone, and bows.

Take three deep breaths. She thinks about the shadow traits and what she observes during the exercise and processes it. She also thinks about the light, and positive traits, and honors them, connecting to both sides, the light and the dark, so there will be no imbalance.

She shares the importance of reminding ourselves about the unique energy of the gem, what it represents, and its meaning, and envisions more light around her shadow self.

She acknowledges that she is now aware and awake to criticism and negativity. Stay in this position as long as you like.

When you’re ready, you can have a closing bow and open your eyes slowly.
The next part is you will find a comfortable space and rest with your Jade Gem Mask. Send your positive vibes and energy to your inner selves. As always stay in the resting healing state as long as possible.

Benefits of Jade Crystal Gem Facial Mask and Cucumber Serum

Jade is for wealth, good fortune, and getting to know yourself. When you know yourself, you focus your time and energy that are in alignment with your natural gifts and skills, which leads to success and prosperity.

Our gentle Cucumber Serum with amino acids and hyaluronic can be used during mask treatments or after to firm, protect, and calm skin while reducing fine lines and improving collagen and hydration.


  • Free of Parabens, Fragrance, and Harsh Ingredients
  • Hyaluronic Acid restores collagen and hydration, and reduces fine lines
  • Niacinamide Vitamin B3 improves skin texture and skin barrier and reduces pores
  • Centella Asiatica/Gotu Kola is a prized antioxidant and amino acid for anti-aging, firming, UV protection
  • Cucumber and Aloe extracts to calm and repair damaged skin

(Products on the photo: Rose MistBlack Hematite CandleGua Sha – Aventurine, and Jade Crystal Gem Facial Mask with Cucumber Serum)